USHG Vice chancellor tips students on critical thinking

The orientation program for new students at the USHG has come to a close with a tip for students on how to succeed at university and in their careers.
Speaking in his welcome remarks, the USHG Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Dr. Jino O. Mwaka tipped students that the world today needs critical thinkers who can derive practical solutions to address current world problems. He mentioned that it is not enough for one to have information and knowledge if he/she can’t think critically to transform that information into innovative and tangible results to change the world. “Over the next three years here, Univerity of the Sacred Heart Gulu shall teach you how to think critically,” he said.
The two-day program involved welcome by the Vice-chancellor & Deputy Vice-chancellor, the introduction of University Officers, induction into University culture and practices, touring of the university campus, orientation on university rules & regulations, training on Covid-19 SOPs and management by Gulu District Health Office and the World Health Organization (WHO), training on Library use and E-library resource access, and training on USHG E-learning platform.
The University welcomes back all continuing students and warmly welcomes the new students (Freshers) to the USHG experience. USHG is committed to seeing you succeed in your education and careers.