USHG students and staff commemorate World Mental Health Day

Students and staff of the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu (USHG) joined the world in commemorating the World Mental Health day in Gulu. The event which was organized by a local based Non-Governmental Organization, Thrive Gulu, in partnership with Gulu Regional Referral Hospital’s Mental Health Department and Sheffield Mental Health Partnership was commemorated on October 12th 2019, under the theme “Suicide Prevention”.

The day was commemorated by a Marathon run for Suicide prevention. Other activities of the day included exhibitions and sharing of experiences and testimonies from mental health service users, and, messages from Civil Society Organizations. Speaking on behalf of the team from the USHG to the participants gathered at Pece War Memorial stadium in Gulu, the Head of the counselling program at the USHG, Mr. Victor Ocaya mentioned that the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu continues to contribute to the promotion mental health in the region through training of professional counselors and by meaningful community outreach engagements and interventions. Referring to the USHG students who were taking part in various activities at the event, Mr. Ocaya pledged the commitment of the USHG in continuing to raise awareness about mental health challenges and the need for healthy minds, hearts and bodies in our communities.

Other key partners at the event included the Government of Uganda, Gulu District Local Government, Gulu Municipal Council, PACTA Recovery Connections, Mental Health Uganda, Health Right International, TPO Uganda, and Heights Initiative Uganda.