USHG Releases December 2020 Newsletter


Dear Reader,
Welcome to our second issue of the USHG bulletin. Following from the first, we continue to provide updates of developments at the University. of the Sacred Heart Gulu (USHG).
The year 2020 has been extremely challenging due to the COVID-19 Pandemic which has posed serious psychosocial, spiritual, and socio-economic challenges the world over. University of the Sacred heart stands firm in prayer and thoughts with all who have lost their dear ones and all have been directly affected by the pandemic.
Amidst all the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu (USHG) was able to re-open for final year students. They successfully completed their on-campus classes and final examinations. The USHG now looks forward to the first graduation.

The USHG is working to roll out Open Distance and E-learning programs to ensure continuity in teaching and learning. The University’s recent connection to the national backbone optic fibre cable for faster and more reliable internet will greatly facilitate this process. The University has also continued to respond to the challenges posed by the virus through supporting and engaging communities in northern Uganda to stay safe through radio programming. We have made available our professionals (lecturers and staff) as well as students to provide community education and sensitization over the radio. The University has also partnered with various stakeholders in government and non-profit to educate and engage communities in addressing problems that face them.
The USHG remains grateful to all who have supported our initiatives and the implementation of our programs. We have embarked on the Strategic Planning process for the next phase of the USHG development. We look forward to working together for the health of mind, heart, and body for integral development.
It is our prayer and wishes that 2021 be filled with God’s blessings, rekindling hope and commitment to the great good that the human family
is called to realize and live. Best wishes to your dear ones.

Yours in service,
Rev. Fr. Jino Mwaka PhD
Vice Chancellor