University of the Sacred Heart Gulu (USHG) Covid-19 task force releases Status Report for the period November 2020 to January 2021

Message from the Chair USHG COVID-19 taskforce committee

The USHG COVID-19 taskforce with pleasure hereby welcomes all the staff and community of the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu back from the short Christmas break. We hope you had a good rest and we do pray to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus that he continues keeping you safe.

We are kindly requesting you to continue following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as stipulated by the Ministry of Health (MoH), the District COVID-19 taskforce, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

For your information, please find attached the weekly COVID-19 USHG Status Report. Also, new case definitions for suspected COVID-19 symptoms has been released by the WHO and MoH; this will be circulated at a later date.

We look forward to your continued cooperation.

Yours faithfully,


USHG COVID-19- Taskforce







Wearing of face masks 3 There is improvement. Staff are wearing masks most of the time.
Hand washing at designated points 4 Good. All people wash hands  at designated points
Use of hand sanitizers 3 Good.
Surveillance at main gate 4 Very Good. Guards are alert. They are vigilant in taking temperature, recording details and politely reminding entrants to wear masks and wash hands.
Observance of social distancing 3 Good. Staff adhere to social distance most times.
Recording of temperature at the main gate 4 Very Good. The guard ensures that all entrants have their temperature measured.
Capturing of entrants’ information for contact tracing 4 Very Good. Details of all entrants are being recorded.
Daily sensitization of staff on COVID-19 prevention 3 Good. Though COVID-19 posters are up; staff still need to get more of verbal reminders and sensitization.
Daily checking of visitors’ information at close of day for anomalies 3 Good. There is daily checking of recordings made at the gate by committee members.
Condition of isolation unit 4 Very Good. Clean, fresh and well aerated.
Range of temperature.

Visitors         Students         Staff

H     36.6               36.0                 36.1

L      32.9              32.3                 34.7

4 Very Good. Normal temperature range.
Total human traffic recorded within the week. 104 PEOPLE 4 Very Good. The University can easily accommodate this number while observing social distance.
Ambience and sanitation 3 Good. Wash rooms are regularly cleaned