Quality Assurance


The University of the Sacred Heart Gulu is committed to meeting the standard geared towards “fitness for purpose” that conforms to the national and international standard for higher education, in doing this; we are striving to realize our mission and vision as well.

In order to guarantee quality it is our policy to:

  1. Improve the quality of our service by always monitoring, reviewing and continuously improving the way we deliver programmes.
  2. Set, monitor and develop standards and targets for all areas of activity, benchmarked where possible.
  3. Provide a variety of means for our service users, participants, clients and stakeholders to express their views and have them taken into account.
  4. Be responsive and accountable to our many stakeholders including individual learners, local communities, commissioning bodies and government agencies.
  5. Develop an institutional culture which is self-critical, honest and transparent.
  6. Establish and maintain Quality Assurance systems and procedures that enable us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and respond to improvement needs effectively.
  7. Ensure that staff, committee members and associates are able to respond to the challenges of self assessment, targets and continuous improvements by investing in developing their skills.
  8. Promote a culture of learning, innovation and knowledge sharing that recognizes the value of team /collaborative inputs and strives toward excellence.
  1. Regularly gather and monitor customer feedback.
  2. Put in place a student and staff complaints procedure.
  3. Select and monitor suppliers against set criteria.
  4. Training and development of our staff.
  5. Regularly audit our internal processes both by internal and external auditors.
  6. Adopt Measurable quality objectives which reflect our mission and vision.
  7. Do Management reviews of audit results.

In pursuit of our mission and vision, as a university, we have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

Quality is important to us because we value “fitness for purpose”. We strive to provide quality education which meets and even exceeds the ordinary expectation of what a university education should be or do to students.


All employees have a responsibility within their own areas of work in helping to ensure that Quality is embedded within the whole institution and its system.

As a young institution the USH needs the concerted effort of every stake holder to ensure quality in all its undertakings. In view of this we shall achieve the “fitness for purpose” that we are meant to.

The QAO in its operations is guided by Institutional Quality Assurance Policy and Guidelines, Guidelines and Standards from National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), benchmarks with other Universities with best practices, Council of East Africa (IUCEA) guidelines and Ugandan Universities Quality Assurance Forum (UUQAF).

We also wish to benchmark and learn from the QA guidelines of other like-minded institutions. University of the Sacred Heart shall continue to tend and strengthen its quality assurance systems with concerted efforts of stakeholders at institutional, national, regional and international levels.

Address for Correspondence

Quality Assurance Officer

University of the Sacred Heart Gulu

P.O Box 374, Gulu

Email: ushqao@gmail.com