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Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

About the Programme

The Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (PGDSML) program at the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu (USHG) is a comprehensive postgraduate program designed for individuals aiming to enhance their management insights and leadership abilities. Tailored to meet the challenges of the modern, rapidly changing business environment, the program equips participants with essential skills to effectively manage resources in diverse sectors, including business, government, profit, and non-profit organizations. In today's dynamic landscape, strategic leadership is indispensable for organizational survival. Leaders must possess the vision and adaptability to navigate complexities and implement forward-thinking strategies, ensuring both profitability and sustainability. In Uganda and globally, there's a growing demand for strategic leaders and managers across various sectors such as business, education, healthcare, and technology. The PGDSML program addresses this need by preparing graduates to engage with internal and external stakeholders, overcome implementation challenges, and comprehend the interconnected and global nature of the modern business environment. With a focus on strategic and critical thinking, the program empowers graduates to identify opportunities, create effective strategies, and adeptly manage teams and organizations. By nurturing these skills, the program not only enhances organizational survival but also fosters global trade and engagement, positioning graduates as competent leaders capable of steering organizations toward their strategic goals.

Upon completion of the PGDSML program, graduates from the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu (USHG) are not only equipped to assume leadership roles but also possess the capabilities to excel in diverse organizational scenarios. With a keen understanding of strategic management, they can optimize labor, processes, and resources in both profit and non-profit settings, demonstrating their ability to contribute significantly to the success of any organization they are a part of.


Duration 1 Year
Study time Weekend and Online
Intake August

Two Principal passes in any subjects obtained at the same sitting at UACE and at least five passes at UCE or a Credit Diploma, or a degree from a recognized institution.

Fees Structure

Tuition Fees per Semester (East African) Tuition Fees per Semester (Non East Africans)
UGX 900,000

Programme Structure

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