University of the Sacred Heart Gulu

Library and Information Services

Ms. Papetra Atim Lanyero
Head of Library and Information Services

USHG Library aims at achieving the University objectives which are to support Teaching and Learning, Research, and Community outreach. These objectives are achieved through the provision of information materials to the users. The library has a collection of both hard and soft forms of information source materials. There are hard copies, which include books and periodicals. The University also collects and subscribes to, electronic resources to access full-text journals, company information, e-books, reference books, economic data, digital images, industry profiles, market research and career information in electronic form. The on-shelf hard copies and e-resources cover a range of disciplines including applied sciences, education, arts and humanities, and social sciences. These resources can be accessed and utilised either within or outside the library. The library offers a range of services including Information Retrieval and Dissemination, Information Provision and Reference, Internet and E-Resource, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Charging and Discharging, Current Awareness Service (CAS), User Education.

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm

Ms. Papetra Atim Lanyero is the University Librarian and secretary to the research committee of the University. She holds a Certificate in Fundamental of Management from America Library Association, A Bachelor Degree in Library and Information Science from Makerere University.

Ms. Piloya Florence
Library Assistant

Ms. Florence Piloya is our Library Assistant. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from University of the Sacred Heart Gulu, a Bachelor Degree in Library and Information Science from Uganda Christian University.

Mr. Lakareber Kenneth
Assistant Librarian

Ms. Mr. Kenneth Lakareber is a support staff in the Library Department. He holds a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere Institute for Social Development. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Counseling Psychology at University of the Sacred Heart Gulu. He is trained on library activities so as to provide services to students.

University of the Sacred Heart Gulu

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