How Markoline Ojok beat all odds to graduate with a first class honors degree in Information Systems

Markoline OJok is one of the pioneer graduates of the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu. He was the only student who managed to graduate from his class of seven students. Most exciting is that he graduated with a first class degree scoring a CGPA of 4.75. You may also recall Markoline as the student who developed a low cost Heath Systems Management Software for developing countries. University of the Sacred Heart Gulu has retained Markoline and offered him employment as the Assistant Information Systems Support Officer at the University.
We interviewed Markoline and this is what he had to say.
I am Ojok Markoline, the eldest son from a family of 6. Born and raised in Gulu district, Uganda. I am Catholic Christian who grew up in the faith. I am of the tribe Acholi, and of Ugandan citizenship.
Brief educational background
I started my elementary school at Holy Rosary primary school and thereby proceeded for early primary education at Holy Rosary P.7 School, Gulu from P.1 – P.2.
In the year 2003, I transferred to Bishop Angelo Negri Primary School where I sat for my Primary Leaving Examination (P.L.E) and managed to attain 8 in 4 Aggregates.
I joined Bishop Cipriano Kihangire S.S.S Bbiina in the year 2009, and sat for my Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). I attained 13 in 8 Aggregates. I proceeded for Advanced Level (A’ Level) but due to financial issues that resulted from my dad’s sickness, I withdrew just after a year (S.5) and spent a year at home.
In the year 2015, I joined St. John Paul College, Gulu for my A’ Level final class (S.6) for PCM/ICTS. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit the goal I had set, but managed to get 11 Points.
In the year 2016, I applied to join Kyambogo University where I was admitted for Bachelor of science in Chemical Engineer (This was a dream come true) but unfortunately dur to final constraints, I was unable to pursue further studies in that field. I spent yet another year at home during which I discovered University of The Sacred Heart Gulu, a newly born university in Gulu.
The feeling of being the pioneer of something great inspired me to apply since life outside the city is too expensive for me and my family to afford. University of the Sacred Heart Gulu was my last hope since all Universities had closed doors for admissions until the next intake for which the wait was too much for me. God-willingly I was given a place for Bachelor of Information Systems, upon which I graduated on completion of all the requirements and was awarded a First-Class Honours Degree in Information Systems.
I think the biggest motivation and inspiration were my parents who I listened to and did everything to make them proud. My success is the only gift I can give them for the sacrifices they made to bless me with good education and a good future. I also wanted to set a good example for my siblings and inspire them to always work hard irrespective of what happens.
I wanted to be able to qualify for a scholarship or sponsorship for further studies, a good job and also a good name for my family. I saw success as the only way forward to attain these, so I hard to live no stands unturned, all thanks to God the Almighty.
My next step now is to give to the community what I have acquired and share my knowledge with them through community outreach programs, Information System support, service delivery and so forth.
My main goal however is to move forward for a Master’s Degree preferably in Data Science or Computer Science in any reputable University. But due to financial drawbacks this may not be happening soon or easily. But I am very hopeful that this will happen.