Public Dialogue on Child Soldiers on the Cape of Flats.

The University of the Sacred Heart, Gulu, Northern Uganda

In partnership with

The  University of Cape Town


The Community Chest 

Invites you to an International Public Dialogue

A dialogue on children trapped in violence on the Cape Flats  

Cape Town, South Africa


Dr Jino Mwaka:Rector and Vice Chancellor of the University of the Sacred Heart (Gulu, Uganda)
Ms Titania Fernandez:Community Chest
Professor Dianna Yach:Law Professor (Adjunct) University of Cape Town
Maulana Thohar Rodrigues:Religious leader and Founder of Hanover Park Society
Ms Ayanda Mfazwe:Community Leader

Professor Brian Williams, a Visiting Professor in Peace, Mediation, Reconciliation and Labour Relations at the University of the Sacred Heart will facilitate the International Dialogue
“Child Soldiers” on the Cape Flats is the first public dialogue on this sensitive topic in South Africa. There is an estimated 10 000 children on the Cape Flats trapped in violent conflicts and there is an obligation to address this destructive challenge. Dr Jino Mwaka, the Vice Chancellor and Rector of the University of the Sacred Heart and Catholic priest based in Gulu, in Northern Uganda will give a Ugandan perspective of child soldiers in his country. The panel will reflect on Cape Flats children trapped in violent conflict and recruited into gangs.
Date:       Wednesday – 09 May 2018
Time:      19h00 – 20h15 (The event will start on time)
Venue:    University of Cape Town, Upper Campus: Neville Alexander Lecture Theatre 1A

Seats are limited.