Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM)


The Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) degree program of University of the Sacred Heart Gulu is aimed at equipping students with important skills, knowledge and abilities that are crucial for successful business management careers. The Program is designed to close the theoretical and practical gap thus building the students’ ability to manage accounts, finance, banking, marketing and insurance businesses for themselves and for others in organizations. Students will be able to start and manage commercial businesses and spur commercial business growth with competitive advantages.

In the wake of globalization and ICT evolvement, the program provides students with important experiences and skills in areas of commercial business planning, administration, management and control. Students are offered a great scope of real-life skills from a wide range of commercial business options required in both local and international markets. In this era of high unemployment, BCM offers practical entrepreneurial skills required to create new Jobs.
Success in commercial business is grounded on proper financial accounting, financial planning and management, utilization of banking services, good marketing skill, managing risks including use of insurance services and human resource management.

The BCOM program offers different options for students wishing to specialize in particular areas of interest. Specialization starts in the second semester of the second year in the areas of;-
1. Accounting
2. Finance and Banking
3. Marketing and Insurance

The target group for this program are holders of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, (or its equivalent), diploma holders in relevant disciplines, degree holder and individuals in the working sector who wish to join the program through the mature entry scheme.

The following shall be eligible for admission to the Three-Year Bachelor of Commerce Degree program
1. Holder of Uganda Advance Certificate of Education (UACE) with a minimum of two principal passes in Economics or Mathematics and obtained at the same sitting and at least five passes at Uganda Certificate of Education or its equivalent.
2. Holder of Diploma in Business Studies, Accounting, Finance, Economics or Statistics from a recognized institution of higher learning or Diploma offered by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda with at least a credit/second class.
3. Holder of a degree from a recognized institution
4. Someone who has passed the Mature Age Examination set by the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu and met all other requirements prescribed by the Senate.
1. Applicants from non-English speaking countries must present evidence of proficiency in written and spoken English.
2. Also, all candidates must satisfy the general admission requirements to the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu. Minimum weighted points shall be set by the Admissions Board.

This program shall be conducted through Course-works, Project-works, internships, individual readings. On-livery delivery and Examinations. There shall be three modes of delivery of the Program; namely, Day Program, Weekend Program and On-line program