University Senate

About the University Senate

The University Senate is the supreme academic authority at the University of the Sacred Heart Gulu. It is the organ responsible for overseeing all academic affairs and for for the organization, control, and direction of the academic matters of the University. The Academic Senate is made up of members of the Teaching staff from various units within the university. The Senate guarantees Academic Quality AssuranceIn essence, the USHG Senate is in charge of the teaching, research, academic Quality Assurance, and general standards of education and their assessment.

Powers/Duties of the Senate

The Senate shall have the following powers and duties:
1- To propose to the Council for approval of the short and long-term academic plans and their modifications based on a continuous evaluation;
2- To develop, evaluate and propose modifications in the program of instruction in the research and field services consistent with the objectives and policies of the University;
3- To develop criteria and policies for the admission of students, their retention and promotion, the awarding of degrees, diplomas, and certificates;
4- To approve the academic calendar and academic program of studies;
5- To discuss and approve the annual academic reports presented by the principals anD deans;
6-  To settle academic matters within the faculties and departments and to deal with academic disputes arising therefrom;
7-  To discuss, evaluate and accept affiliations to first-degree programs of the constituent colleges and supervise them.
8-  To recommend to the Council changes in the statutes and regulations;
9-  To propose to the Council the financial needs for the academic life of the University;
10- To recommend to the Council appointments and promotions of academic staff;
11- To promote and supervise the development of  the Library and the Archives;
12- To receive and approve examination results;
13- To make regulations governing such matters as are within its powers in accordance with
the University Charter or the statutes.
14-  To satisfy itself regarding the content and academic standard of any course of study in respect of any degree, diploma, certificate or other awards of the University and to report its findings there on to the Council;

15- Subject to the Universities Act, to propose regulations to be made by the Council regarding the eligibility of persons for admission to a course of study;

16 - To propose regulations to be made by the Council regarding the standard of proficiency to be gained in each examination for a degree, diploma, certificate, or other awards of the University;

17-  To decide which persons have attained the prescribed standard of proficiency and are otherwise fit to be granted a degree, diploma, certificate, or other awards of the University;

18- To initiate proposals relating to the conduct of the University generally, and to discuss any matter relating to the University and to make representations thereon to the Council;


University Senate Members

Member of the USHG University Senate: Updated July 2021

No Members Constituency Position
1 Rev. Fr. Dr. Jino Mwaka PhD Vice Chancellor Chairman
2 Rev. Fr. Prof. Calloisto Locheng A.J, PhD Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Member
3 Mr. Geoffrey Lamtoo, Msc. Deputy Vice Chancellor / Academic Registrar Member
4 Dr. Wilfred Lugemoi Bongomin, PhD Uganda Management Institute Member
5 Sr. Dr. Lucy Dora Akello, PhD Uganda Matrys University Member
6 Mr. Robinson Otim, MBA Ag. Dean, Faculty of Management Science (FAMS) Member
7 Mr. Bruno Boniface Onencan, MPJS Assistant Academic Registrar Member
8 Mr. Victor Odong Ocaya, M.A Head of Department, Counselling Psychology Member
9 Mr. Joseph Laker, Msc. Head of Department, Information Systems Member
10 Ms. Papetra Lanyero Librarian Member
11 Mr. Omony Benard Thomas Registry Secretary
12 Mr. Odong Boniface Ochan UNSA (Student's representative) Member
13 Ms. Irene Winnie Anying Member
14 Mr. Nyeko Patrick Denis Guild President (Students' Representative) Member