About the USHG

The University of the Sacred Heart Gulu is a new university established in the Archdiocese of Gulu. Its establishment is meant to underscore, highlight, and provide for a continuous and ongoing investigation, critical academic and social reflection into the personal and societal need for healing, as well as intervention, particularly in post-conflict situations so as to promote the common dignity and humanity shared by all people. Particularly, the USHG is established to contribute to addressing the needs for healing, reconciliation, moral integrity, and development of the region


The University is dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and is therefore named UNIVERSITY OF THE SACRED HEART GULU. It is inspired by the compassion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who says to a people who have been and are heavily burdened, traumatized, and injured, “Come to me; learn from me, for I am humble; you will find rest (Mt. 11:28-30). The compassion of the Most Sacred Heart is meant to characterize this university.

Dedicating the University to the Most Sacred Heart also pays tribute the Christian heritage in Northern Uganda at a time when the Catholic Church celebrates the Centenary of faith. The initial missionaries (the Comboni Missionaries) were dedicated to and inspired by the Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus. They were supported early in their ministry by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Thus, in the name: UNIVERSITY OF THE SACRED HEART, tribute is paid to the missionaries who brought the faith to the province.

By naming the university – University of the Sacred Heart Gulu, we seek to affirm a belonging to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The University does not only take the name (Sacred Heart University) but seeks to belong to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (hence University of the Sacred Heart – USH)

The USHG is located along Pope John Paul Road in Gulu City, Bardege- Layibi division (Gulu West), Bardege ward, Negri cell, in Gulu Mission.
The University of the Sacred Heart Gulu is being established particularly so as to contribute more effectively to addressing the needs for faster and more meaningful healing, reconciliation, moral integrity, rebuilding and changing the lives of people in post-conflict situations in Uganda and neighboring countries e.g. South Sudan, Eastern Congo, etc. who have shared experiences on conflict and war; and to promote and ensure quality higher education in northern Uganda by raising standards in teaching and learning as well as developing unique academic programs to address identified needs in society.

The inspiration that leads to the vision of a university defines and shapes the rationale for its creation. A profound reflection on the experiences of humanity, particularly in the context of conflicts as experiences in Uganda (not only the most recent in Northern Uganda), South Sudan, Congo, and elsewhere indicate that there are a number of fundamental issues in the society which are not only manifested but also made worse by the experience of war. These require prolonged and progressive and sustained efforts to address and the USHG is being established to contribute in this direction.