Community Outreach


University of the Sacred Heart Gulu will be hosting a team of Blouin Global Scholars from Walsh University Ohio in December, 2018. Their focus will be on Education, Equity, and Opportunity. The Blouin Global Scholars will study not only the nature of educational systems in different communities, but also the potential for education to mediate different structures of power and privilege. In this regard they will visit a number of sites in Gulu.

In December 2016, University of the Sacred Heart Gulu coordinated and hosted a group of 21 people comprising of 19 Blouin Global Scholars and 2 faculties from Walsh University Ohio. This team was in Uganda for a study on the theme: Technology, Entrepreneurship and Society (TES); studying the history, benefits and economic conditions that have enabled technology and entrepreneurship to thrive in society along with challenges faced. They visited and interacted with people engaged in different forms of businesses. Sites visited include; Bio gas project at Ocer Campion Jesuit college, Gulu Agricultural Development Company(Gulu ginnery), Opit Millers, Aqua Nile water bottling Factory, BOSCO Uganda E3 project site at St Mary’s college Lacor, Pukure Fisheries, “Cak pekonyi” workshop for energy saving stove, St Monica girls tailoring school, St Jude Orphanage and SOS children’s village among others.

Financial Literacy at the service of healing: contributing to holistic health

The University envisages a financial literacy training that can not only empower people in northern Uganda, but also help contribute to some understanding, empathy and heal /restore relationships that could have been strained on the basis of resource scarcity and utilization. Additionally, children and partners may be placed in better position to appreciate the importance of supporting the parents, spouses, etc. in addressing financial /resource challenges instead of making these challenges become conflict triggers. Participants can also be empowered to appreciate the challenges such as the rampant resource drain by games of chances (sports betting, etc.)

USHG in collaboration with Centenary bank is conducting a Financial Literacy Training for the youth of Gulu Archdiocese from 19th to 21st September 2018. The training will take place at the University Campus.

Basic Counselling Skills Training for Staff members of St.John Paul II College Gulu.

Counselling in school incorporates wider goals of helping students develop socially, personally and academically. It is therefore, important for schools to carry out guidance and counselling sessions to teach students about other aspects of life and guide them on emotional and personal conflict, which could affect their studies.  For example discipline, career guidance, health talk, student-teacher relationship, psychological issues, interpersonal problems among others.

In this regard, University of the Sacred Gulu is living its mission of healing and growth through imparting counselling skills to the different stakeholders of development. A 3-days (10th-12th September 2018) sessions of Basic Counselling skills training for the staff members of St. John Paul II College at the University Campus.

USH Community Outreach initiatives

University of the Sacred Heart Community Outreach are initiatives, programs and activities that are designed to benefit the community, thereby contributing to the personal and social healing, growth and holistic development. These initiatives utilize USH resources and infrastructures for the good of the community in ways that do not require the rigour and constraints of academic accreditation.

The USH has organized, participated in or hosted community outreach activities that have included the following, among others: Peace Leadership Training (in partnership with Nuclear Age Peace Foundation ( and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and GuluHelp Foundation), Peace (cross Cultural / Religious) Dialogue (in partnership with Uhuru Institute) Peace Education Training (the Kroc Institute – University of Notre Dame, and Walsh University), Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills Training and Trauma Healing Training (in partnership with Walsh University, Centre for Victims of Torture (CVT) and local partners), Joint and cross cultural experiential learning opportunities for local and international students (in partnership with John Carroll University and Walsh University, among others), and Basic Computer skills training, Youth Debate League, Youth Leadership and Opportunity Camp, Girl Empowerent (in partnership with Justice and Peace Department / Commission (Archdiocese of Gulu), Uhuru Institute and Educate for Change) and Language Training (for non-native speakers).

These, and more outreach initiatives are planned for the coming year.

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