Community Outreach

USH Community Outreach initiatives

University of the Sacred Heart Community Outreach are initiatives, programs and activities that are designed to benefit the community, thereby contributing to the personal and social healing, growth and holistic development. These initiatives utilize USH resources and infrastructures for the good of the community in ways that do not require the rigour and constraints of academic accreditation.

The USH has organized, participated in or hosted community outreach activities that have included the following, among others: Peace Leadership Training (in partnership with Nuclear Age Peace Foundation ( and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and GuluHelp Foundation), Peace (cross Cultural / Religious) Dialogue (in partnership with Uhuru Institute) Peace Education Training (the Kroc Institute – University of Notre Dame, and Walsh University), Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills Training and Trauma Healing Training (in partnership with Walsh University, Centre for Victims of Torture (CVT) and local partners), Joint and cross cultural experiential learning opportunities for local and international students (in partnership with John Carroll University and Walsh University, among others), and Basic Computer skills training, Youth Debate League, Youth Leadership and Opportunity Camp, Girl Empowerent (in partnership with Justice and Peace Department / Commission (Archdiocese of Gulu), Uhuru Institute and Educate for Change) and Language Training (for non-native speakers).

These, and more outreach initiatives are planned for the coming year.

For a taste of some of USH Community Outreach activities click here to check out